For 40 years, The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), located in Canton, Massachusetts, has been using techniques based on the work of B.F. Skinner. Mainly it uses “aversions,” which has caused international outrage, including a statement from the UN expert on Torture that what happens there must be stopped. However, efforts to shut JRC down have repeatedly failed in the Mass. State Legislature and in the courts. JRC is THE ONLY PLACE IN AMERICA where this “treatment” is practiced.  JRC’s main instrument of pain has been the “GED” (Graduated Electronic Decelerator), which delivers a powerful and extremely painful remote-controlled electric shock, in multiple locations, on the skin of young people with behavioral issues, autism, and developmental delays – a cruel and ineffective practice. Abuse of these machines is rampant, as the recently tried case of young Andre McCollins showed the world last year. Andre was shocked 31 times in seven hours, mostly while held face down on a four-point restraint board, for not taking off his coat when asked. JRC is notoriously secretive about its practices, and has been cited numerous times for injury, destruction of evidence, and even death. Many children are shocked multiple times daily with this device.  JRC itself makes this machine, but never had it approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has issued three letters of warning to JRC asking them to stop using these machines. On January 9, representatives of JRC will meet with the FDA to discuss next steps. Unfortunately, there is evidence that JRC is looking at ways to continue hurting kids, including having the shock devices reclassified. JRC’s powerful attorneys and lobbyists have been remarkably successful in defending the Center.  For More Information: http://www.occupyjrc.org/