Return of S.I.N. (Service, Industry, Night) Features

Shad Ali performing

Shad Ali began writing creatively at age 9. Experimenting with poetry in personal journal entries, he found it to be a self-rewarding form of expression. Persisting to work on this hobby, his writing has become recognized as a developing talent.

A passion for music has passed through Shad’s family tree. His father, an avid fan of jazz, can be credited for Shad’s soft spoken delivery of lyrics and his knack for an often jazzy selection of hip-hop instrumentals. His dedication to the pen and notepad expanded upon being introduced by an older sibling to many of the genres most praised lyricists. It was at this time, during his teenage years, that Shad’s curiosity guided him as a student of lyricism. He began researching the structure and usage of the words and stories told by varying artists.

The ladies of 1156 brought back all 7 features that have performed at the S.I.N open mic. With special performances by: Hubbs, C.H.R.I.S., Jon Quest, Vaig, Blak Rapp Madusa, Parker Webb and Shad Ali.

S.I.N (Service, Industry, Night) is an open mic on the second Sundays of every month at Howlers Coyote Cafe located at 4509 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh PA 15224. With a promise of a host, a DJ, and a band they allow the artist to choose whatever outlet they need to perform. It also has a monthly feature, that is chosen from the vast hip hop community. The feature and allowing performers to perform to their own music is what sets this open mic from the rest. SIN was created by 1156 Artist Management Company. Whose soul purpose is to “create and implement innovative management for performing and visual art professionals.”



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