Vie Boheme (Vee Bow-Em) at Dream on Fest

Vie Boheme (Vee Bow-Em) performing

Kendra Dennard is a dynamic and statuesque dancer also known as Pittsburgh’s vocal gem, Vie Boheme. A vocal renaissance woman; she uses soul, funk, rock and jazz elements in her music. She employs smooth and stealthy transitions to flow between singing, dancing, and scatting rhythms. Her eclectic and inclusive lyrics ring of truth and beautifully snap us all back to reality. Her poetry serves as vivid imagery of all too familiar experiences that weave through her music. Professionally trained in dance, Vie can’t help but to dance along the path that her musicians pave, engulfing her audience into an experience that excites the senses.

“If you listen to my music you follow my journey of life as I study, grow and learn.”

DreamOn Pittsburgh was the first ever ice cream music festival. They took over Market Square to showcase 25 musical acts, 75 flavors of Dream Cream Ice Cream and the best of Pittsburgh’s homegrown talent! The 3-day weekend was an awesome recipe for a great time: the performance lineup was choc full of incredible bands; HBO’s Boardwalk Empire breakout star and Pittsburgh native Margot Bingham was on deck as host; the entire event was captured by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Emmai Alaquiva for live-stream; Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Band in Pittsburgh 28 North rocked us and the headlining act was Grammy-nominated duo, The Foreign Exchange! To top it off (pun intended), every custom flavor of Dream Cream Ice Cream served was a fundraiser to support a local cause (or dream!). DreamOn Pittsburgh brought it to the people, live and direct — this weekend full of undeniably great music, empowerment and pure fun to the Pittsburgh community.


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