Greenpeace 2014 Action Camp

Greenpeace Direct Action Camp 2014

Greenpeace Direct Action Camp 2014

About 100 activists and 50 trainers gathered in central Arizona’s high-desert for the 2014 actions training camp.

As well as learning “hard” direct action skills, an incredibly diverse group of people from all over the United States worked together to promote collective liberation from oppression in creating and developing relationships and through workshops and activities.

The camp was situated in an oasis where the Aqua Fria aquifer flows close to the Earth’s surface. For five days, people dove deep into the theories, philosophies, and practical uses of nonviolent direct action with an opportunity to focus on one of six skill areas: direct action climbing, arts in action, blockades, boat driving for activists, air division, or research.

The skills being shared and the bonds being built here at camp will undoubtedly fuel the environmental and social justice movements for years to come.

The evening speaker series featured an amazing lineup that included Shannon Rivers, a representative of the Akimel O’odham people (on who’s ancestral lands the camp was held), Marie Gladue (Diné) facilitated a decolonizing training, Eloise Brown (Diné) spoke on organizing with her Navajo community to successfully stop the Desert Rock Power Plant, and we also heard from Greenpeace board chair, Karen Topakian, on global campaigns.


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