Rally & March for Safe Delivery

Tyson Jerome Barnette’s family

On November 23rd, 2013 City Carrier Assistant Tyson Jerome Barnette was shot and killed while delivering mail in the dark in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Who killed Tyson Barnette? Postal mismanagement killed Tyson Barnette! This tragedy was set up by the dismantling of mail processing and under staffing in the clerk craft, which has forced carrier start times later in the day. This tragedy was also set up by a flawed automation implementation, which has over-burdened routes.

Letter carriers across America are now regularly delivering for hours in the dark. This tragedy will be repeated without major changes!!

The African American community is particularly hard hit by the fortunes of the postal service, which has a 21% Black workforce. As well paid career clerk, mail handler, and city carrier jobs are being eliminated, low paid temp jobs are being created. Barnette, a young Black man, who had worked for years as a “temp” with no benefits, had just suffered a 25% pay cut, was being forced to work in the dark on an unfamiliar route.

District of Columbia Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, a member of the US Postal Service oversight committee, wrote to the Postmaster General: “I am deeply concerned about the apparent risk of requiring postal employees to deliver mail after dark.” Members of Congress should demand face to face meetings with PMG Donahoe, calling for an end to delivery in the dark.

*End Delivery in the Dark
*Start Letter Carriers Early
*Fully Staff Clerk and
Carrier positions
*Adjust Overburdened Routes
*Re-open Mail Processing Plants


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