Protest Against George W. Bush at Javits Center

Protestors walking along the sidewalk of the Javits Building where George W. Bush was speaking.

So many people across the world know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, know that George W. Bush has committed crimes against humanity. Yet this home-grown war criminal is being honored with speaking engagements across this country. This dishonors all of us in this country who have longed for justice; it is an insult to our dignity and our mind.

“We Will Not Be Silent” has continued from where they began during the Bush Administration, to carry names of some of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq and Bagram, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons. These names will never be engraved on the walls of any United States institution to acknowledge their humanity, and to face the fact that hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. “We Will Not Be Silent” will continue to carry the names of civilians and U.S. soldiers killed in wars of aggression and of detainees tortured to death, the result of war crimes committed by the George W. Bush Administration. George W. Bush gave the orders that resulted in the unnecessary suffering and deaths of countless human beings.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have admitted openly to ordering water-boarding of detainees. The current Attorney General, Eric Holder, has testified under oath that water-boarding is torture. Torture is a crime prohibited by United States and International Law, yet those in the Bush Administration responsible for torture are not touched by the law. This remains our collective national shame. We see that the failure to prosecute crimes committed by officials at the highest levels of power in the United States government has allowed abuse of power to continue into the next administration.

-We Will Not Be Silent-


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