Mass ARTillery – Mumia Abu Jamal Shirts

Mass ARTillery is a radical art venture devoted to supporting global freedom struggles and serving as a vehicle for public education and conscious rising. Movement workers sell the shirts, and they use the funds to maintain, strengthen and diversify grassroots efforts to fight oppression.

Rashid, a revolutionary artist and writer imprisoned in Amerika’s super max prisons, creates the artwork. Through study of revolutionary material, observation of existing conditions and contradictions in society and participation in struggles against guards and the power structure of the prison system. Rashid became a revolutionary in prison,

Rashid uses his brilliant artistic, analytical and written talents to educate and radicalize people on the inside and out. While inside, he co-founded the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter, dedicated to realizing the ideals of the original Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Rashid is a powerful example of physical, emotional and intellectual resistance to one of capitalism’s most brutal forms of social control, the prison industrial complex.

…Placing art at the service of revolutionary struggle…


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