Vigil and Force-feed simulation with Andres Conteris at The White House

Andres Conteris in pain as the tube goes down his nose

September 6th, 2013 speakers discussed how U.S.-sponsored torture plays out in Guantanamo Bay and Pelican Bay. After fasting on water-only for 61 days in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners north and south, Andrés Thomas Conteris was fed with nasogastric tubes to show how prisoners are force-fed twice daily in Guantánamo. On August 19, 2013 a judge in San Francisco issued an order clearing the way to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike in California. One hunger striking prisoner, Billy Sell, has already died. Forced-feeding has been classified as torture by human rights organizations and is denounced by the American Medical Association. It is also condemned by Senators John McCain and Diane Feinstein, among many others. This torture is perpetrated twice daily against Gitmo prisoners and is allowed to continue as long as it is kept in the shadows, hidden from public view. This feeding was not only being done to ensure Andrés can stay alive, but revealed in the light of day how U.S. policy practices torture. In this way hopes to pressure to end to this inhumane treatment.

Andrés Thomas Conteris — Media Coverage


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