Sparro Kennedy

Sparro Kennedy painting.

Sparro Kennedy, is an artist this dedicated to promoting the idea that violence is not a necessary element of humanity. She learned her techniques from the world. For example, her brush-stroke style came from a gentlemen who worked as a super in New York. He only painted walls with brushes, and he taught her how to “pat the wall”. She learned pastels from a friend in Detroit who taught her to “use her whole body, like when she dances.” She learned watercolors from a date in New Orleans who bought her a drink and said “Do you baby, and when I come back, I want to see something.” A street art vendor in New York brought her the best brushes she ever used, and told her that the secret to acrylics, is “using the best brush for your stroke.” A prisoner serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, helped her understand shading, and developed her blending skills.

As an artist, she knows absolutely nothing about art. Kennedy says that she is  “completely concerned about her product and progress (as far as she is concerned) other artists paint like her…she doesn’t care how old they are.” The one artist that she acknowledges is Elijiana Forto.


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