Occupy the Workplace: March in Solidarity with Greek Workers

Occupy the Workplace: March in Solidarity with Greek Workers

Greece is in the throes of an economic meltdown. The IMF, EU, and European Central Bank, with the backing of the German government, have imposed severe austerity measures forcing Greeks to pay off a debt incurred by corrupt politicians. The conditions imposed on a bailout have led to massive layoffs, worsening conditions for workers, rampant wage theft, the shredding of the social safety net, and sharp increases in taxes. The cuts have have plunged the economy into a death spiral, forcing unemployment to 27% and climbing.

Much as the Nazis arose in Weimar Germany by exploiting similar economic conditions, Golden Dawn, an avowedly fascist political party, has been rapidly gaining power in Greece. Golden Dawn captured seven percent of the seats in parliament in the most recent election. Armed with government funding and the tacit cooperation of thepolice (many of whom are Golden Dawn members), fascists attack and murder immigrants in the streets, while offering free social services to Greek citizens to build their support base.

It is a bleak picture- but there is hope. Ordinary Greeks are mobilizing to prevent the right-wing takeover of their country. Neighborhood assemblies, Immigrant solidarity groups, labor unions and other civil society organizations are resisting both Golden Dawn and the destructive government policies that created the economic collapse, and increasingly challenging capitalist control of the economy with strikes and workplace occupations. In northeast Greece, workers at Vio.Me (http://www.viome.org/) have taken over their building materials factory, restarting production without bosses. They join a rising tide of workers control initiatives across the globe, opening the door to another world.

Hear the story directly from the involved workers:



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