On Monday January 21st, 2013 activists from other cities joined the anarchist community from the DC area, prompted by a call to action made by the Chesapeake Earth First! and Anarchist Alliance DC (AADC). This call to action was organized in order to mobilize local activists and make a public appearance during the Inaugural weekend, an important weekend for these anti-capitalist organizations to make their voices to be heard by the general public. During this march, activists marched through the streets chanting anti-government, anti-capitalist and anti-war slogans (e.g. “No War but the Class War!”), and were matched by an equal number of authorities.

Participants remained peaceful during the march until the police attempted to On seize AADC’s banner that stated “Without Government, We Can Move Forward”. At this point, activists began to walk against traffic as they proudly waved their black flags and banners to make a statement about how the authorities were immorally trying to silence the protestors and their messages.

Activists also distributed over 1,000 copies of informational zines, some of which were titled: “Don’t Vote-Organize!”, “Save Our Planet From the Tar Sands and the XL Pipeline!”, and “What is Anarchism?”.

Written by Anarchist Alliance DC


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